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The moment I stepped foot into Morocco was the moment that I fell truly, madly and deeply head over heels in love with what is the most beautiful country I have ever visited. An added bonus? Countries don't break hearts like boys do!

Morocco is a country that I am so passionately obsessed with. When asked out of the 33 countries that I've visited what my favourite is, I can without a doubt say that Morocco is number one. I am constantly rattling off about how magical it is and how everyone has to visit at least once in their lifetime. Morocco is like word vomit to me, I just can't hold it in. Once you get me started, I'll never stop...

Back when I backpacked through Morocco, this was my exact itinerary. We didn't have a long time frame because we had to be back in London for The Strokes' concert so we tried our best to cram what we could into seven days. There are definitely things that I would change about this itinerary. I have written all of my suggestions in the post below but this itinerary did end up working well for me so if you're planning a trip, it's worth having a look at!

Morocco's most visited city was the first place on our itinerary. Marrakech is a city that doesn't disappoint, it is exactly how you'd imagine it to be, and more. Prepare for your senses to be slapped silly. There is so much going on in this city - it's a frenzy of souks, spices, snake charmers, bright colours, fresh leather and narrow laneways that will lead you to anywhere from a humble drink stand to the grandest of palaces.

If I was to use a word to describe how I feel about Marrakech, obsessed is an understatement. The city's fabled ancient medina is any wanderer's dream. The alleyways are so narrow and intricate that there is no accurate map in existence; getting lost is inevitable. All you can do is dive right in and lose yourself in the maze. Who knows what you'll stumble across when you turn the corner.

Must-see: Jardin Majorelle

How long to stay: Marrakech can be overwhelmingly chaotic in parts and therefore, I recommend at least two days to allow yourself the time to experience what the city has to offer, including the delicious local cuisine. If possible, set aside four days for this amazing city.

Getting to Marrakech: Marrakech is about a 4 hour flight from London Luton (there are flights from London's other airports too) and we got a one way ticket for £59.


Next up on our Morocco trip was a journey to the largest hot desert in the world. The three day Sahara Desert tour that we went on took us on a road trip through Morocco's south and ended with us riding camels into the sunset, finishing at a desert camp just by the border of Algeria. This tour was great because it covered places such as the Atlas Mountains, Ait Benhaddou, Dade Gorge and Todra Gorge, just to name a few.

Camping in the Sahara Desert was honestly one of the best experiences in my life and something that I recommend everyone do at least one in their lifetime. The view of the night stars from the clear Saharan sky is unparalleled and made me feel like I was in a dream. Plus, I got to ride a camel for the first time and got to cross it off my bucket list!

Must-see: Ait Benhaddou

How long to stay: We opted for the three day Sahara tour as we were a little pressed for time. It took two days to drive and reach the desert. If you do have extra time to spare, I highly recommend doing the four day tour because it allows you more time in the desert and means that you can head even deeper into the Sahara.

Getting to the Sahara: We booked the 3 day Sahara tour through our hostel and were picked up in the morning from our hostel lobby. Do not book the tour online! You will definitely be able to get a better price booking it when you arrive in Marrakech. Most hotels/hostels will be able to book for you. We paid around €75 for the 3 day tour (included accommodation, transport and some meals).


Our next stop was to Morocco's ancient capital. The city of Fes is still considered Morocco's spiritual and cultural capital, offering a more authentic experience of the country. The Fes medina is the world's largest car-free urban space and thus, the perfect place for any wanderer to immerse themselves and get completely lost in the untouched, rustic city by foot.

I loved my time in Fes. The opportunity to stay in the old city in a local house really added to the authentic experience that I got. I loved the chaos, the smells, the market stalls, the food - the buzz of the old city has a way of seeping through you and sending you on a high, making you feel like you're on cloud nine.

Must-see: Medina of Fes

How long to stay: One day was definitely not enough! If you can, spend at least three days here as Fes will give you a more authentic Moroccan experience compared to Marrakech.

Getting to Fes: Instead of taking the return trip to Marrakech with our Sahara tour, we opted to head straight from Merzouga to Fes. We split a private cab between 6 people (2 in the passengers seat, 4 in the back) for €25 per person. The drive was 8 hours long but you're rewarded with beautiful views of the Moroccan countryside.


The final stop for us was a town drenched completely in one of my favourite colours. It's all blue. Everywhere. Dark blue, light blue, bright blue, dull blue. It's blue in every direction. Chefchaouen is an otherworldy escape famous for its brilliantly blue walls (and ground, and doors, and everything else). There are many legends as to why the city is painted blue but my favourite one is that the locals painted everything blue to ward off mosquitoes. Pretty ingenious if you ask me.

Chefchaouen is my favourite city in the world (that I've visited). I felt like I was in a fairytale wandering around the blue stained alleyways, with the call to prayer echoing over the city and the distant laughter of local children playing on the streets. It was so surreal and unlike anywhere I had ever been before - the shades of blue had the unique ability to make me feel so calm and serene, a stark contrast to the overwhelming chaos of the other Moroccan cities I had visited.

Must-see: Chefchaouen Old City

How long to stay: With no particular sights to see, Chefchaouen can be done in a day or two. I thought two days was perfect but I could have honestly stayed for longer and just enjoyed the relaxing vibes of the small town. Two days in and I was still not sick of the colour blue!

Getting to Chefchaouen: Chefchaouen is a 5 hour drive from Fes. We split a private cab between 5 people (4 in the back) and paid €20-25 per person. Alternatively, you can take a local bus from Fes which will save you some money but may take a little longer.


June 11: London to Marrakech
12: Marrakech
13: Marrakech to Sahara Tour
14: Sahara Tour
15: Sahara Tour to Fes
16: Fes to Chefchaouen
17: Chefchaouen to Fes to London

If given the time, I would have spent way longer in each destination but we were really really pushed for time. I think that this itinerary offers a great overview of Morocco though.

P.S. For more information in regards to each city in this itinerary, visit the individual posts that I did for each one to see what I got up to and for ideas on worthwhile places to visit.


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