Crossing 'Go to an EPL Match' off my Bucket List

Chelsea v Aston Villa at Villa Park

Soccer, or football as they call it here, is hands down one of my favourite sports to watch along with tennis. Going to an EPL match has been on my full bucket list since I first made it back in 2008 and being here in England for exchange has finally given me a chance to check it off!

I saw the Chelsea vs Aston Villa match with four others at Villa Park on Saturday and had the best time! We had great seats and the crowd got really into the match which made the atmosphere in the stadium incredible.

The day wasn't all good though. Tomorrowland tickets went on sale during the match and although we had ten of us trying for tickets, we didn't manage to get any. I was pretty upset but all we can do at this point is rethink our travel plans, come up with a new itinerary and try not to cry too hard when the after movie comes out...

I'm really hoping that I get another chance to go to another match during my time here. The atmosphere was awesome and the experience is definitely something that I would love to have again. Tickets are pretty hard to get though so here's to hoping!


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