Circa Waves @ The Library Institute Birmingham

Circa Waves @ The Library Institute Birmingham

Circa Waves are a band that I discovered at the beginning of last year and I fell for them hard and fast. Although they only had five songs released at the time, they quickly became one of my favourite bands and I would listen to said five songs on repeat for weeks on end while driving around in my car. I grew an insatiable need to see them perform live and I was over the moon when Songkick notified me that they were going to be touring the UK during my time there and bought tickets to their gig before I had even left Melbourne!

The boys didn't disappoint and I had an amazing time at the gig. Nothing beats the feeling of seeing one of your favourite bands perform live. They had just released a new album so I wasn't familiar with all of their songs but it was nice to be introduced to their new music while jamming along to my favourite tunes. 

The venue that the gig at was amazing, there was no bad seat (or patch of floor?) in the house and it was a small and intimate gig. We were standing at the back but could still see completely perfectly! I thought that the Corner back at home was a fun venue but this topped it in every way. There also isn't a pole right in the middle of the mosh blocking the view of half the stage, bonus!

Just being at the gig itself was an amazing feeling. It was something I used to do so often back at home (I went to 14 gigs last year) but since being in the UK, I've only managed to go to two so each time is always special. Life always feels perfect when you're enjoying a pint at a small and intimate gig.


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