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Glorious Prague Sausages

I thought that because it's taking me so long to publish posts about the cities that I have visited, I would do a blog post with a photo compilation of all the different foods that I ate and encountered during my Easter travels, just as a sneak preview of what to expect in my upcoming posts about the places I visited. I definitely ended up eating my way through Europe during my travels, successfully gaining at least a couple of kilos and even a mild case of food poisoning.

I took photos of all the foods that I ate just so I could look back and remember it all but I figured, why not just chuck all the photos in a huge post for easy access? There were some meals that I didn't manage to photograph, either because I didn't have my camera on me (I don't like taking it out at night) or because I simply forgot (probably because I was too excited to dig in and start eating).

I've rated each of the cities based on how much I enjoyed the food there but of course, my opinions are subjective and my limited amount of time restricted me from the amount of food that I could test out in each city. My rating is based purely on what I got the chance to try.


Kind of a harsh first rating, I know, but I was only in Edinburgh for about 24 hours so only managed to have two meals which weren't particularly spectacular, with the pasta being well below average.


We weren't in Belfast for long but the food that I did have during my time there was amazing! The burger that I had the night we arrived was delicious, one that I still think about frequently, and the carvery was so good that we went back for sneaky seconds.


We didn't actually have any proper sit down meals in Berlin, instead surviving on just fast food and street food but even then, the food was pretty good. I would have given Berlin a solid 7 but the currywurst boosted the score by a whole half point. Definitely something that I am going to miss back at home...


Whenever I think of food from this three week long trip, I immediately think of Prague's street food. The only proper sit-down meal that we had in Prague was at the Monastery's brewery, where we had the most amazing goulash. Besides that, we chose to eat street food every day because there was so much variety! The sausages that I had in Prague were the best in my life. We were lucky enough to arrive during their Easter celebrations, where they had a food market set up in the Old Town near our hostel so we ended up grabbing food there every day.


The first meal that we had in Budapest was spectacular. Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera on me so I have no photos of it. We also had a killer last meal at a place called Hummus Bar. Besides that, the food in Budapest wasn't very special. I wasn't a fan of their strudels and the salami that I got at the market ended up giving me stomach pains so I wasn't left with the best impression of Budapest food...


We were lucky enough to have a local accompany us for dinner our first night in Istanbul and he took us to a small and secluded restaurant where we had the best meals of the trip up until that point. Surprisingly enough, the kebabs in Istanbul were more than disappointing and were tiny! They were what we ate most days though just out of convenience. Our time there was also filled with an abundance of delicious baklava and Turkish delight.


The food in Santorini was in a league of it's own. On our first night there, we had dinner at a small local restaurant and instantly fell in love with the amazing food and the friendly staff. We ended up eating dinner there every night! We also had our fair share of gyros during our time in Greece and never seemed to get sick of them.


I only had a short five hours in Zurich but that time was filled with delicious pizza, a well-needed hot chocolate to escape the dreary, cold weather and copious amounts of Swiss chocolate and truffles. If you know me well, you'll know that chocolate is the way to my heart and boy did Zurich win my heart over...

NICE, FRANCE (8.5/10)

I got to cross 'eat croissants in France' off my bucket list and the hype around French pastries is definitely well-deserved. I definitely overindulged in pastries during my time in Nice but also had time to fit in a really nice sit-down dinner.


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