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Tapas, salads and sangria in Barcelona
As it is going to be absolutely ages until I start posting about my recent 6 week European trip, I thought I would do another food photo blog to give you a sneak peek of each city I went to.

I finally plucked up the courage to weigh myself since getting home and over the course of my time abroad, I’ve managed to gain 6 kilos… With all the walking that I did while traveling around, this just seems unfair! Looking at all these photos though, it starts to make sense... No regrets, all of the food was amazing and definitely worth it!

I was very slack with my photo taking at the beginning of this trip so I've missed photos of quite a lot of the food that we ate (yes, we ate more than what is pictured here...).


We started our trip thinking that we would be cooking a lot of our own meals to save money. Oh how we were wrong... Paris was our first proper stop and as a result, we did cook a few of our meals and didn't end up eating out that much. One meal we did get though was a savoury crepe for dinner, introduced to us by one of my friends from Warwick who is currently interning in Paris. I still have dreams about that crepe...

Savoury crepe


Belgium, the land of fries, waffles, chocolate and beer. Also known as the land of all of my favourite things ever. Mussels in Brussels is also a must have! All the food that we had in Brussels was amazing! The first waffle that we got could have been better but we must have just picked a bad place.

Waffle and chocolate
Waffle, chocolate, bananas and strawberries
Beers and ciders
Fries and beer tasters
Mussels and paella
Belgian waffles with Nutella and strawberries
Belgian waffles with Nutella


I've decided that Dutch food is simply amazing, especially their sweets! I definitely have a sweet tooth, a lot of you will know that, and being in Amsterdam was like being in dessert heaven. From poffertjes to stroopwafels, the sweets in Amsterdam made me never want to leave. The food itself was also great. Bitterballen is one of my new favourite snacks and the well-known Amsterdam fries definitely live up to the hype. Raw herring, a typical Dutch dish, is surprisingly tasty!

Raw herring sandwich
Poffertjes with Nutella
Fresh stroopwafel
Fries for days
Bitterballen, 'nachos' and cheese sticks
Brunch! Eggs Benedict
Raw herring


I feel like I had a better experience with the food in Berlin the last time I was there. I definitely don't mean to say that the food was bad this time around but I just remember it being... Better? The kebab that I had after a night out, one that I didn't photograph, was absolutely amazing though. I had about six serves of currywurst and did not photograph a single one because I was always too excited to dig in...

Street vendor sausage

Beer for days


The food in Vienna was amazing! There was nothing that I did not enjoy. The highlight for me was the traditional Austrian potato dish that I tried, the one that has a super long name that I can't recall. Definitely going to have to find a place in Melbourne that serves that. Of course, what is a visit to Vienna without having at least one Wienerschnitzel? The serving was huge but was so delicious that I forced myself to finish the whole thing! I definitely regretted that choice afterwards...

Almdudler, a popular elderflower drink
Manner, a popular Austrian wafer snack
Traditional Austrian meal of roast potatoes, ham and suckling pork called Spanferkelgrostl
Freshly made potato chips
Not sure what this was...
Weinerschnitzel and potato salad
Pork and dumpling



We only had one Hungarian meal when in Budapest. It would have been nice to have been able to try more traditional Hungarian foods but what we did have was amazing. The goulash was even better than the one that I got in Prague and the paprika chicken was just as good as I remembered it being the last time that I was in Budapest! Another visit to Hummus Bar was also a good move.

Stir fry noodles and rice
Smoked salmon bagel
Hummus bar bowl
Hummus and shawarma sandwich
Fairy floss
Pottyos, popular Hungarian frozen snack
Paprika chicken and rice
Strawberry and mango gelato


We only got one meal in Zagreb, that being burgers from a small burger restaurant. The burgers themselves were amazing and my pulled pork sandwich rocked. Our waiter, alone, I would give a 10/10 because he was hilariously entertaining and pretty much one of the highlights of our time in Zagreb. 

Pulled pork sandwich


We weren't in Split for that long (we missed a day there because we missed our night train) so we didn't have very many meals. We opted for sushi, assuming that Croatia's proximity to the sea would yield deliciously fresh fish but the sushi we got not only took more than half an hour to prepare, it was also sub-par. Our street snack of corn was amazing though, I love corn with a passion.


Street corn


We were in Mostar for less than a day so only had lunch there. We opted for local dishes and weren't disappointed! Everything was a little bit spicy for my taste (I'm a wuss when it comes to spicy food) but besides that, the meal we had was decent and the views overlooking the Stari Most bridge more than made up for the spicy food.

Bosinan pizza?

Bosnian sausages


Yes, zero, you read right. We only had one meal in Dubrovnik and it was absolutely horrific. I'm sure the food in Dubrovnik is amazing if you go to the right places but we were having a lazy night and ordered burgers to take away from a restaurant near our apartment. What we received is pictured below... The bread was stale, the fries were soggy and the burger patty was just gross...

Deconstructed takeaway 'burger'

VENICE, ITALY (9.5/10)

The gelato in Venice alone deserves a 12/10! We stumbled upon a gelato shop on our first day there that we instantly became obsessed with and returned to on an hourly basis. To date, that remains the best gelato I have ever had. We also decided to splurge on our first dinner in Venice and had an amazing traditional Italian meal.




Best gelato in the world!


The fact that I paid 8 Euros (around $12 Australian) for a gelato still causes me physical pain. It was a damn good gelato but I don't think any gelato could justify that price tag... This is also the point of the trip where we realised that we had no money left so we started eating two minute noodles...

ROME, ITALY (9/10)

Rome did not disappoint when it came to food. The last dinner that we had, especially, was spectacular and one that I will always have fond memories of. The scorching heat in Rome was also an excuse for frequent gelato stops and slushy purchases.

Salami and mushroom pizza

Pizza salad

Gelato, again

Slushies to save us from the heat


Prawn risotto


Mushroom risotto


Spanish food will always remain one of my favourite cuisines, simply because it contains patatas bravas. I love how tapas allow you to order heaps of different things to try. Paella is also definitely one of my favourite foods. The meals we had in Barcelona didn't disappoint and I'll be dreaming of that smoked salmon salad for ages. I also stumbled across a small cafe called Boldu where I had the most delicious gingerbread man shaped donut. I would fly back to Barcelona just for another one of those!

Fried cheese


Smoked salmon salad


Seafood paella



Boldu glazed donut and hot chocolate




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