Hello from Vietnam!

Hey guys! I am really sorry for being practically non-existent for the past two months. Things were so busy for a while, I had assignments and exams and then I was working crazy hours during Christmas before I jetted off again.

I thought I'd give you a quick update on my whereabouts. I'm currently off in Vietnam, five weeks into a crazy seven and a half week backpacking trip through South East Asia which has thrown me more than my fair share of curveballs. Back in September, a friend and I decided that we wanted to volunteer in Vietnam to teach English and also so I could hopefully brush up on my Vietnamese. Afterwards, another friend would join us to travel down Vietnam together before we visited Cambodia and Laos with yet another friend.

This trip has been problematic from the moment that I started thinking about it and things did not let up for me as I was about to leave. Two days before I was going to set foot on the plane to Hanoi, the education centre emailed me to let me know that they wouldn't be able to take us on because they had to cancel some classes. This left us both without accommodation, food, or plans for three weeks. We tried to make the best out of a bad situation and from Hanoi, flew to Bangkok to spend two weeks exploring Thailand instead. Things didn't play out like we had hoped, but things definitely could have been worse.

This situation has put me out of my comfort zone so many times and has tested me so much in so many different ways. It sounds silly but throughout this trip, I have grown so much as a person in so many ways and have learnt so much about myself. It has sent me on the adventure of a lifetime and allowed me to have experiences and meet people that I otherwise wouldn't have been able to so despite being sad that I didn't get the chance to volunteer, I don't regret a single thing. It has honestly been such a roller coaster ride from the very beginning and I'm excited for the two weeks that have yet to come.

I apologise again for disappearing and thank you for your patience. Stay tuned to hear about my trip and everything that has gone wrong (or right)! Also, stay tuned to hear about the rest of my time in Europe. I'm not even halfway through with that...


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