And so the adventure begins...

I'm not really sure how to start this post. I've never really been the type to commit to writing a blog or diary of any sort. I've always loved the idea of keeping a diary or journal but I'll only ever use it for a couple of days max before I forget about it... I'm going to try really hard to keep this updated though because it would be so good to look back on one day and I know I'll regret it if I don't keep a record of everything I experience.

I feel like this is an appropriate time to make my first blog post. I received an email at about 3am this morning from the University of Warwick congratulating me for being nominated by Monash to apply to study there. My friend Darnesh was nominated as well! I'll be honest, I'm pretty shocked. I knew that I had high enough grades to apply but there was always that sliver of fear in the back of my mind that things wouldn't go to plan. I was really worried that maybe a ton of people had applied for Warwick as well and that I wouldn't make the cut. It really wouldn't have been the end of the world if I hadn't gotten in. I wouldn't have minded applying for the University of Sussex, studying in Brighton would be awesome, but the idea of having to redo my application and going through the process of finding units again makes me queasy... 

 I had always prepared myself for the idea of studying abroad and travelling completely alone. Before this year, that had always been the plan because I didn't know anyone else who was interested in doing exchange where I was planning to. Even when I found out that Nesh was also interested in going to the UK, I didn't rely on the fact that he would end up there with me. Plans and circumstances always change and the future is unpredictable. It is so comforting though to know that we're both halfway there now and that I'll most likely be spending my semester abroad with someone from home. It's going to make settling in so much easier and make the whole experience so much less daunting.

It's also exciting to think of all the travelling that I'll be doing during the weekends, over Easter break and after the semester is over. Now that Nesh is probably going to be in the UK with me, I'll have a buddy to do weekend trips with! I don't know how I got so lucky but my pals Jess and Liv are going to meet me in Europe once I'm finished with my exams and we'll be travelling for a month, hitting the festivals and exploring Europe together. I was so close to applying for exchange a semester earlier but I am so glad that I waited and didn't rush into it. Now I've got someone to study with abroad AND people to travel with afterwards as well. I'm so so so happy with how everything has somehow fallen into place by itself and I feel so lucky every time I think about how things have worked out so well for me.

 As of right now, I'm sitting at my desk in my bedroom at home typing up the very first post for my travel blog. It's so crazy to think that in a few short months, I could be in different and exotic cities all around Europe updating this thing! I could be typing up a post sitting on a dingy hostel bunk bed, reclining across a chair on an overnight train headed to Florence, lying in a cheap tent at Glastonbury, sitting on a yacht in the French Riviera or even on a houseboat in Amsterdam!

 And so the adventure begins. Things are almost official now. I really look forward to updating this blog with everything I get up to when I'm studying abroad and travelling. For now, there won't be much going on. I might do a few posts about how my preparations are going or how I'm feeling about everything but the real fun begins in January! 


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