Unconditional Acceptance into The University of Warwick

This whole exchange journey has never really hit me. The fact that so much planning went into it and that up until this point nothing had been confirmed, I didn't really feel like I was actually going on exchange. Obviously, in my mind I knew it was a happening thing but for some reason, it just didn't feel like it was. The whole process has been so dragged out and tedious that it feels like something I've just been doing for ages now especially because I did plan to apply for exchange this semester instead of next and was halfway applying last semester.

It's finally happened though. I've finally got confirmation. I got an email from Warwick with an unconditional offer to complete my study abroad program there. I am so relieved! I knew that I had the grades to get into Warwick but I was still nervous about something going wrong.

Now that I know for sure that I have been accepted into Warwick, I can finally start planing flights! I'm still undecided about what to do for and where to spend New Years and my birthday (which is on the 2nd of January). For a while, I thought that I had to be in the UK on the 2nd for a compulsory welcome meeting but the meeting has been moved to the 5th so I don't actually have to leave Melbourne until after New Years unless I want to spend it somewhere else. New Years in Hong Kong with Cat, Chris, Elysha and Jo is sounding very tempting!

I'm so glad to have finally be completely accepted into Warwick, I can finally stop stressing and worrying about it! Now I have to start actually booking things and applying for accommodation and a visa because this is actually happening!


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