Flights booked, no turning back now

Maybe it's because it's currently 2.30am on the second day of exam period, peak procrastination time, but I thought it would be the perfect time for me to type up a blog post. I suck.

I finally booked my flights to England today. I'll be flying out of Melbourne at 7pm on the 31st on December and will land in Birmingham on the 1st of January at 11.50am. It sucks that I'm gonna miss celebrating New Years here in Melbourne and I won't get to stay in Australia for my birthday either but the difference in flight prices really made it impossible for me to leave any later. The price jumps up by about $900 if I was to leave even just one day later... That's like my groceries for three  or four months...

I honestly felt sick as soon as I'd booked and paid for the flights. Not only were they ridiculously expensive but I really feel like I'm not ready to leave yet. My departure day is approaching way too soon for my liking... There are still so many things that I need to organise and sort out before I leave but amongst exams I don't have time to do anything. 

There's less than two months before I leave and a whole month is going to be consumed by exams so I'm really stressing about how I'm going to be able to prepare for my trip on time. I feel like it's going to take a a solid month just to pack for it... I also haven't seen my parents in more than a week which isn't great, feeling really guilty about that one... They're always out of the house before I get up and I always get home from uni after they've gone to bed. Not the best when I'm leaving for 7 months in less than 2.

I am excited about the trip. It feels like it's really happening now that I have the flights booked and paid for but I can't help but feel a little nervous and scared, especially about the preparation needed before leaving. I just hope that I manage to get everything organised in time.


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