The Countdown Begins

It is officially December and I am officially leaving for the UK this month. Still not sure how this year managed to fly by so fast.. 

I've already begun the process of saying goodbye to some of my friends and it's breaking my heart that it will be seven or eight months before I see them again. It's going to be really tough living away from all of my loved ones, I just hope people don't forget me while I'm gone! I don't think it has really hit me yet how long seven months really is.

I'm beginning to miss my parents already even though I haven't left yet. Sometimes, I'll just start thinking about how much I'm going to miss Mum's cooking or my talks with Dad or even just having them there and knowing that they're right downstairs if I need them. This trip will be the longest that I've been without my parents or the longest that they've been without me so it's going to be equally as tough on all three of us, especially cause I'm an only child as well.

On another note, my stress levels are peaking. For those of you who know me well, you'll probably know of my tendency to over stress about anything and everything yet do absolutely nothing about it because I spend all of my time stressing instead of actually trying to solve the issue... Everything is coming up so quickly and I've got less and less time to get everything sorted yet I'm not doing very much... I leave in four weeks yet my visa isn't due to be done until a week before I leave and I STILL haven't heard back from Warwick about accommodation. Jeez guys pick up your game, the term starts in four weeks.

There's also a bunch of things I still need to buy before I leave and I feel like there's something really important that I need to do that I'm forgetting... My bank balance is steadily decreasing as the trip comes closer and it's not fun at all... I've been saving all my life and it's so strange to see my savings drop at such a rapid rate but it's something I will have to get used to. I just hope I come home to something in my bank account...


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